Friday, June 04, 2004

Some Stuff I Missed:

(Here's some news that slipped through my blogging fingers...actually, there's a lot of news I don't comment on, but this is the stuff that, if I weren't so lazy, I would have commented on. Get it?)

Fetus Genocide on the Rise:

Drudge released this gem which caught my attention. Basically, feminazis are now killing their children because they're not perfect.

Doctor: I'm sorry ma'am but your baby may have a cleft lip that, unfortunatly, will not go well with your Gucci shoes.

Woman: Pity. Abort. I'll just make another.

Both: Hahahahahaha...

People make me sick. Please see My Humble Proposal.

Democrats Have SOME Core Beliefs:

Rich Lowry gives us an exquisite, if somewhat outdated, list of What Democrats Believe.

Also, Ann Coulter, conservative Goddess, tells us what happens When Blue States Attack.

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