Monday, May 10, 2004

A Response to My Problem Avec the Lord

Thank you to Stephen H. from Acid Zen Wonder Paint for taking time to reply to my question regarding God. Stephen wrote:

My two cents:

(For simplicity of typing, I'm defaulting to the masculine in referring to God.)

Just because I'm capable of blinding myself, it doesn't mean I'm any less able to see right now.

Sure, if God was all-powerful, he would certainly have control over his own perception. If God is omniscient and omnipotent, I'm sure he could create a world and remove his ability to understand it.

But would that make him stop being God? Is God defined by being omniscient and omnipotent? If God, for whatever reason, put a halt to his own omniscience, would that make him no longer God? Or would he just become 'God, except over there, there I'm just awesome.' Really, when you write all the rules, you can probably do whatever the hell you want.

I'm not a philosophy major or anything, that's just what I think.

-Stephen Heintz


Stephen is exactly right. After discussing my problem with several friends, we came to the conclusion that since God is all powerful, he can make himself know AND not know a word at the same time! HE'S GOD (for God's sake)! If he wants to make a circle with seventeen SIDES then he CAN because he's God. In my problem with God, I was short-changing the word omnipotent. Silly me.

Thanks again, Stephen, for setting me straight, and keep those comics a flowing; you're my idol!

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