Thursday, January 22, 2004


With a surprising win in Iowa, presidential hopefully Jean Kerrie has taken a "three point lead over Howard Dean in New Hampshire." As impressive as that may be, the more interesting story is that of John Edwards. Once barely visible in the Zogby polls, Edwards forged on and finished "a surprising" second in Iowa, giving his campaign a needed ego boost.

What does this mean for DemocRATS? Nothing. What does this mean for Republicans? Annoyance Heartbreak.

All of our (us Republicans) hard work to get Dean the nomination will be for naught if we don't do something...and quick! It is in the DemocRATS worst best interest to have a nutjob strong candidate such as Flipper McGee Howard Dean running against the incumbent George W. Bush. And as Republicans, we must do anything humanly possible to help the DemocRATS pick their "best" candidate. That way the landslide victory for Bush election will be as exciting and "fair" as possible.

"But Newman," you screech, "Howard Dean seems to be farther left than Marx and have the temper of a pregnant hippo!" *Sigh* Silly, silly, little Billy. Just because Dean's policies seem "slightly to the left" (third paragraph after the quote) doesn't mean Darn Poopy! Remember, George Bush is a Nazi (Again). ANY candidate seems left next to him! So what if Dean has a little temper. Can't people blow their corks twenty or thirty times! Jeez! Should you really judge a candidate by his policies or his temper!? I didn't think so.

Do the right thing for Republicans everyone. Vote for Howard Dean in the New Hampshire primary. If you're not able, tell your friends to vote. JUST GET HIM ELECTED AS THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE.

If George W's gonna win anyway, why not win by a landslide (AT LEAST) make the election interesting.

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