Friday, December 19, 2003

Go Unscrew Yourself*

Apparently, two “panels on the slaughter of babies” “expert advisory panels”—whatever the hell that means—are pushing pills. Death pills, actually. These pills, known as Plan B(ullPoo), abort “prevent” unintended pregnancies.

Actually, I’m all for these new pills. If you read the post previous to this, I’m very much in favor of EXPANDING the right to choose to useless idiots (known in my post by the term FEITUS—Freeloading Entity Inconveniently Taking Up Space). In fact, I can think of some REALLY useless people to abort first. The words “expert advisory panels” come to mind… I wonder why?

I know Libs are in favor of this Plan BullPoo and that means I’m suppose to be against it, but look, who are the FEITUSes of which I speak? Which party’s members are freeloading entities inconveniently taking up space? Welfare…hippies…environmentalists…protesters…

Do I make myself clear? Anti-Choice means Pro-Communist…



*Sadly, the title is not mine. I must give credit to Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn.

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