Wednesday, November 05, 2003

"The Reagans" Cancelled After Pressure from Newmanisms

And, of course, Barbara Streisand is crying.

See B.S. decided to cut the shabby piece of trash after realizing it was...oh yeah...BIASED.

Ms. Streisand is sad the completely flawed and misleading "drama" about the Reagans is being cancelled. "It's a sad day for artistic freedom," she whines. Artistic freedom to creates LIES about someone who is still alive but cannot defend himself? That's not artistic freedom, Ms. Streisand, that's .... BUM BUM BUMMM ... hate speech.

But alas, I almost want CBS to run the "drama" so the GOP can sponsor a "drama" about Streisand. I have it all planned out:

Streisand will be played by this person and Streisand's nose will be played by Michael Moore. Streisand's husband, James Brolin, will be played by a retarded monkey.

I have part of the script right here:

Barbara Streisand: Hey, look at me. I'm important because people think I sing good and my nose has the girth of small solar system.

Barbara's Nose: Hey! Woman! I am not fat! I am slightly rotund.

Barbara: No, that was not my nose talking. That was simply...swamp gas.

Nose: I'll show you some gas...

Barbara: I shall now sing good.

Nose: God help us all. My flatulence has better tone quality.

Barbara: "Mem'ries light the corners of my mind. Misty water-colored mem'ries of the way we..."

Nose: Dammit women! I need pie!

Director: Jeezus not again... Not now Mr. Moore. We're trying to film a movie here like I told you last time you wanted pie.

Nose: Blow me.

James Brolin: EEEEEEEEEEEE *flings poo at Moore*

Nose: .....not pie, but will do...

God: *Smite*

Barbara and Crew: Alas, we have been smitten. *All Die*

Audience: *Three hour standing ovation*

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