Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Your Inner Child Will Hate You

If you order an Adult Happy Meal, your inner child will kick you in the face...and so will I.

Read this filth.

These new "meals" will include a salad, health booklet, and pedometer to "encourage walking." Screw walking. I'll walk from my house, to my car (which I will use to drive to McDonalds and order a huge greasy cheese burger then drive back), and back to my house where I will precede to sit.

I'm sure the reason we go to fast food joints is to get healthy. Oh wait, If I thought that I'd have the intelligence of a slightly retarded walrus (aka a New York Times columnist).

When I go out for fast food I'm not really worrying about my health. I'm more worried about the a-hole in front of me in line who is ordering the salad at a place where the air you breath is fattening. People who order salads at fast food joints need lobotomies, or at least a good beating.

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