Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Will Liberal Hypocrisy Ever End?

Paul Krugman, a columnist for The New York Treason, always has some interesting comments about our president. I call them interesting only because of how extremely inaccurate and farfetched they are. The only point to reading his columns is to see what inane comments he'll come up with next. Here's the communist comment of the moment taken from this article:

"The Bushies just say black is white and up is down," Krugman said of the current president. "The Orwellian character of these people is very disturbing."

Immediately following my fit of laughing, my roommate informed me that Krugman was serious. I looked at him with this "how-could-anyone-ever-say-something-so-incredibly-dumb-such-as-that-statement-which-you-claim-is-serious" look.

If anyone in modern society is of "Orwellian character" it's the "Progressives" in this country. Any utterance of sound by these self-righteous zealots is doublespeak/doublethink at it's finest.

When Clinton said that he didn't have sex with Monica, what did it actually mean? It meant, "We screwed like rabbits." When Liberals say they're pro-choice does it mean they're for choice on school vouchers and privatized social security? No, it has nothing to do with choice. It simply means they're pro-baby-killing.

One of the greatest doublespeaks of recent history was the "Support the Troops Not the Mission" slogans being thrown around by the left. How can you support the troops but not support what they're doing? Isn't like saying the Chicago Bears are your favorite football team and then hoping they lose every game (which they will)?

By Krugman claiming that the "Bushies" were Orwellian and NOT saying anything about the left (Gories? Clintonies?) he is committing doublespeak! This is propaganda at it's best/worst.

Krugman also talks about the press being conservatively biased which is laughable at best. Blah blah blah ignorance ignorance ignorance.

This just reminds me why I don't read the Treason Times on a regular basis.

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