Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Racist or Reasonable?

In California, a girl is trying to start a Caucasian Club at her high school. There are clubs for other races at her school, but none for whites. Is she being racist....or reasonable?

Racism is one of the worst things an American can think of. You would find it easier to commit murder than start an all-white restaurant or bar. We cannot have a white music channel, or a magazine only made for whites, but we have BET and Ebony. What if we had clubs or organizations dedicated to the promotion of whites (as long as we allowed members of other races to join)?

If you are simply promoting the advancement of whites, but allow blacks and other minorities to join as well...it's not really racist...or is it?

I, for one, believe we should promote a "color-blind" society. We should not make it easier for minorities to get in to college, or for them to have a better chance at getting certain jobs. Racism is dead...reason is setting in.

The Right Way

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