Monday, September 29, 2003

High Five

Drudge Report linked to this "interesting" story:

"A five-year-old Territory girl shocked teachers when she showed her class how to make a bong out of a Coke bottle during a 'show and tell'' session." -- EDITH BEVIN (news.com.au)

WHO is taking care of this little girl? If I were in charge I'd have the guardians of this child brought to the nearest courthouse and some "sense" beaten into them with my trusty 7 iron. They are sick excuses for human beings. Where else could this girl have learned about making a bong at age five? Her other five-year-old friends?? Even if she did learn it from an older child or friend, why weren't her guardians MONITORING HER!?!?

Parenting has become a joke. Couples have kids (or kill them before they're born) without thinking through how they're going to support them. It's more or less a fashion statement.

Woman 1: Oh, this that your child?

Woman 2: Why yes...yes it is...

Woman 1: It goes so well with your purse!

It all boils down to how much time is actually spent with the child. As for this five year old girl, I wonder if the guardians know she exists?

Verdict: Guardians are guilty of stupidity and child endangerment

Sentence: 890 lashes with a 7 Iron

Case closed.

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