Friday, September 12, 2003

The Day After

I woke yesterday morning as I had every other morning--tired, groggy, and only semi-functional. I remembered the significance of the day and I said a prayer to myself. My morning went on as normal. Shower. Food. Check the email.


I gathered my books and headed off to class. I don't know what I expected, but whatever it was, it didn't happen. I walked to class and sat down. We worked through some pages in our text, took a quiz, and ended our learning. We weren't allowed to leave; the teacher wanted to talk about September 11th. "Finally," I thought to myself.

The teacher spoke a little bit about what happened on campus that day in 2001 and how people acted towards each other for months after that. Caring. Loving. Helping. He spoke a little bit about how he felt and then encouraged us to talk about how we felt on the 2nd anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on our soil. The first person spoke:

"I think President Bush has been misleading the public about 9/11. It was a bad thing and all, but he has people believing Saddam Hussein attack us."

My literally dropped open. We were having a discussion about the horror of 9/11 which had some in tears and many others close when out of nowhere this, let us call her what she is, bitch destroyed the moment with her pure liberal hatred for Bush. A couple of people jumped right in and confronted here, and others defended her position. It wasn't even the fact she holds these beliefs that angered me. It was the fact she chose NOW to bring them up. It was sickening..." [9/11] was a bad thing and all..." It wasn't just a "bad" thing Super Bitch, it was horrific, and your activism makes me want to vomit.

I left the class in a frothing rage. I figured I could vent in my next class. I just assumed that since it was a philosophy class that we would at least discuss 9/11 a little bit.

Nope. I was wrong.


The rest of the day was almost surreal to me. No one mentioned what happened. No other teachers talked about it. The most vague reference I heard was a group of kids were having a 9/11 drinking party...

Only two years after, we have already forgotten what we felt. We will never forget what happened, but it's sad and depressing that we almost completely neutralize our feelings about 9/11. Some don't want to remember because it's too hard. Others don't want to remember because they don't care. Others..."too busy", "not directly involved", "too far away", "too long ago", "not important enough..."

We. MUST. Not. Forget.

We live in a world that is completely different from the one just two years ago. Our ideas, ideals, and outlook on life has been radically altered and, in some cases, distorted. To say that we should just get over it as many media outlets chose to do is to be morally dead.

Innocent people, people who probably didn't give a damn about the terrorists cause one way or another, were slaughtered by fanatics who hijacked more than planes that day. They took a religion and used it for their own needs.

We. MUST. Not. Forget.

To forget is to allow the terrorists another small victory. It is ESSENTIAL to never allow terrorists to have the ability to do this to us or ANYONE ever again. If we forget, they have not only won the battle, they've won the war...

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