Monday, September 15, 2003

CNN = Communist News Network?

Christiane Amanpour is mad. Have you ever tried so desperately hard to get a jar open that your hands are now permanently scarred from the intense pressure you applied to lid only to have a four year old child take the jar from your incompetent hands and quickly remove the lid from the jar with little or no effort and saying, "You loosened it for me," while staring at you with those caring eyes that only four year olds possess? Doesn't that make you mad? We WISH Christiane Amanpour was only that mad...

"I think the press was muzzled, and I think the press self-muzzled. I'm sorry to say, but certainly television and, perhaps, to a certain extent, my station was intimidated by the administration and its foot soldiers at Fox News. And it did, in fact, put a climate of fear and self-censorship, in my view, in terms of the kind of broadcast work we did," said a seething Amanpour.

To translate, Americans were tired of hearing CNN and other liberal news outlets degrade our troops and country day in and day out, so they watched FOX News instead. Thus, CNN had to stop some of it's America hating to get some viewers back. This angered an bewildered such widely acclaimed communists journalists such as Amanpour who have always regarded America as the world's cancer.

I look at it this way: news stations do have to be objective. They have to report what the administration does regardless of how it will make them look, but CNN and some other major media news outlets don't focus on ANYTHING the administration does well. Even if they do, they find some way to make sure it makes BUSH look bad. I guess it's not ok to support your country--that's NATIONALISM or FASCISM or HIDING BEHIND THE FLAG or BLIND PATRIOTISM--but it is ok to "love the troops and hate the mission" or burn the flag or report only the negative happenings in Iraq. There seems to be a double standard. Questioning your country is "patriotic" because you're exercising your constitutional rights to be an asshole, but LOVING your country is fascist. Logic escapes the liberals again.

There was a great response to Amanpour's comments by FOX News spokeswoman Irena Briganti:

"Given the choice, it's better to be viewed as a foot soldier for Bush than a spokeswoman for al-Qaeda."



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