Friday, September 05, 2003

Amnesty? Or A Dirty Communist Trick?

According to the two greatest sources for news (FOX News & Drudge Report), the RIAA, Recording Industry Association of America, is planning to announce an amnesty program to all illegal file sharers.

According to the FOX News article:

"The RIAA's offer would require Internet users to complete a notarized amnesty form that includes promises to delete any illegally downloaded music and not participate in illegal file-trading in the future. In exchange, the RIAA would agree not to file a potentially expensive infringement lawsuit."

Why would someone send these people their name and address to these people? If you don't want to share files anymore then just stop. By sending them you're name you could easily be part of a group of people who are watched for file sharing in the future.

Personally, I've downloaded a few songs. I used the file sharing software to preview songs I wanted to buy. If I liked the song, I'd go out and find it on CD. If I didn't like the song, I deleted it. Simple. If CDs weren't so frickin expensive file sharing wouldn't be the problem it is today.

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