Sunday, August 17, 2003

See Dean Run. Run Dean Run!

I am here and now openly supporting Howard Dean as the presidential candidate for the Democrats. Even though I'd rather having Dennis Kucinich who's campaign slogan seems to be, "Look I'm more liberal than Marx," Howard Dean will do just fine. I'm not predicting a 49 State loss for the Libs this time around, but I wouldn't be suprised if it was close.

On that note, let me tell you fine folks WHY I want Hurricane Dean to be the Lib's nominee:

Howard Dean is on the far left end of his party. He was against the war in Iraq (and still is), he wants to repeal President Bush’s tax cut and use the tax money he repeals to fund a national health care program (which would in turn raise taxes), he’s pro-abortion, pro-affirmative action, pro gun control, pro same sex marriages, against tougher immigration laws, against using racial profiling even in cases where terrorism is a concern, and he is for partial birth abortions (late term abortions). He doesn’t even acknowledge there is such a thing as partial birth abortions. To be fair Mr. Dean is not as liberal as he could be. I say this only because he’s pro death penalty in cases of heinous crimes such as the slaughter of a puppy. Basically, he's as far left as the Libs can get and still get votes from the public.

Do you now see why I want him to be the Democrat’s candidate for president? Do you really think that Mr. Dean, being as far left as he is, could get elected in this country after September 11th? I’m willing to bet he can’t. The American people are primarily concerned with two things: 1. Homeland Security and 2. the Economy. Granted, the economy isn’t doing the greatest at the moment, let me ask you this. What happens when a candidate runs on the platform of higher taxes? Ask Walter Mondale who in his 1984 campaign for president suggested that he would raise taxes to cut the national deficit. That year Reagan won a landslide victory against Mondale (Fritz Mondale only won Minnesota and Washington D.C.). Will Howard Dean do any better by openly pressing for a repeal to the tax cuts? I will admit that he’d almost HAVE to do a little better than Mondale. There are certainly more left wing liberals now than there were in 1984, but I still don’t believe that Dean could ever win with his openness about raising taxes. He'd be better off doing what politicians do best: lying.

So, if you plan on voting in the Democratic Primary your best bet is Howard Dean, because there’s no possible way he could ever win…well…it might not be YOUR best bet, but it’s certainly the Republican party’s best bet.

“Dean, Dean he’s our man, if he CAN do it…I’m moving to Canada.”

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