Saturday, August 16, 2003

Frank's Call to Arms!

Frank J. of IMAO has asked of us, the bloggers, what no other man has ever asked of us. He has asked us to join him in a war. A war against an evil known to many as the Puppy Blender. Why should we fight a war that is sure to become bloody as hell for all who join and that in which most won't come out alive!?! (What terrible sentence structure...) For starters, war kicks ass. Second, The Enemy, aka Puppy Blending-Hobo Killer, is stealing all of the blog readers and using them to build commie feminazis or something like that (read Frank's call to arms at the above link). No one can actually be sure what he's doing behind the closed doors of his evil fortress in the sky. Whatever it is we must join the side of good, Frank's side, and destory the enemy before it's too late! Say, "Nay!" to his puppy blending! Join the Alliance!

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